Electronic Parcels

The Bentley has partnered with a company called Luxer One to make sure you get your packages safely and efficiently without rushing to get home before the front desk closes.

How It Works
Order whatever you like online and enter your address and unit number as you always would. Your shipping address remains the same. Once your package has been delivered to the locker, you will receive an email (and/or text message, if you opt in) with an access code to open the locker. Enter your access code on the Luxer One touch screen at the lockers and the locker where your package is securely stored will open. Repeat this as often as you like! There’s no limit on how many packages you can receive through Luxer One.

Oversize Packages
Any large package that doesn’t fit into a private locker will be placed in the oversize locker compartment. If you anticipate a package that is too large to fit in the oversize locker, please schedule your delivery or make arrangements with the office.

The package lockers are monitored with video surveillance 24/7, so your package will always be safely secured.